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Who Needs a Hill

Another firsts post, we brought sledges, now Suffolk isn’t renowned for hills there are some good ones that would be perfect for the kids as they get older to go sledging on but at 22 months and almost 3 and a half for the first time out they just seem very big.

Sledging for toddlersInstead of that hill (it’s within walking distance) we started off by pulling around the garden. Sitting on the sledge for the first time J loved the experience

sledging for the first timeT wasn’t sure, although appearing confident she’s actually quite nervous of new experiences and sledging was indeed one that she wasn’t sure of. First off was pulling the sledge around our back garden.

sledging for totsA few circuits of the garden as you can see the two of them were loving it – it really is the simple pleasures that children love more and the fact that they were spending it with Daddy made it even more special for them. Then we ventured out further afield to the woods near us to find a gentle slope.

Playing and working together toddler styleWith some gentle slopes and heavier snow fall than in our garden it was wonderful to pull the sledges with the kids on and let them go watching their faces as they went down the slopes what must appear fast to them.

first time of sledgingSo without a hill in sight we experienced our first experience of sledging. I’m guessing that we will now have to wait till next winter to have a go again as it’s normal to only have 1 snow fall a winter where we live (if we don’t then it’s sledges to the hill and doubling up with mummy on the sledges or daddy of course).

Sledging fun is for adults as wellAnd remember that sledging isn’t just for kids.







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