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Where did my flowers go?

Late Winter and early Spring in the UK mean that one day we can be in shirt sleeves and the next our snow suits are back on and that is exactly what happened last week – very confusing for a 2 year old.

spring snow fun

So after hunting for ladybirds and finding hints of spring popping up in the garden last week before. We tried to find the flowers in the snow this week. The snow was confusing at first – with a few weeks since our last snow fall she had forgotten what it was like (also not a huge fan of it as her feet get cold quickly).

playing in the late winter snow


Ever the explorer she went to where she knew were flowers but as early spring flowers in the UK are low to the ground and we had a couple of inches of snow they were gone. It took a little hunting but in a flower pot one of the blue iris’s was discovered peeking out through the snow.

Snow in late winter activities for kidsThen we found a new crocus appearing through the snow – a yellow one (it’s fun to watch the seasons change through their eyes and with exploring everyday we’re noticing which flowers appear when).

Winter activities for kidsThe uncertainty of late winter and early spring make for fun explorations and discoveries for toddlers and preschoolers.



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