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The Freedom of Space

Outdoor play for Kids

Children are inquisitive by nature and space in the outdoor environment gives them freedom to explore and discover through their senses and play. The Space doesn’t have to be huge, to a child the size is relative to their size, a small garden to us can appear perfect for them, it’s the freedom to be there and enjoy in their own way that makes it for them.

Outdoor playChildren given the freedom to explore a space will notice and spot things that you may take for granted, a noise that we know is the flapping of a wood pigeons wing disturbed by the calls of children at play, attracts the attention of a toddler’s enquiring ears pausing for a moment from play to see what made the noise and identify it’s a bird before rushing on to explore the environment further.

a sense of scaleA hill for us can become a mountain for children to explore and climb, reaching the summit without support or help as their little legs carry them up the incline stopping to look up to the horizon or down to see how far they have come.

children playing in puddlesGiven the right gear a puddle of muddy water doesn’t pose a problem or a barrier instead it becomes something to play in, to explore to form new words about the sensation of boots becoming stuck, of the sounds that are made trying to pull the boots out.

playing with mudSplashing in the puddle leads to further explorations, is the puddle hot or cold, children need to experience the sensations themselves, you can tell them that the water is cold and that the mud is slimy – but what does cold water mean to them unless they have experienced it. What does mud being slimy actually feel like through their fingers. As an adult we know, but with the freedom of space and time children can explore these themselves.

Welcome to Nature and Play, although I write at Rainy Day Mum about our activities and fun the natural environment and environmental education is my first love and something that I want to explore with my children and help you explore with yours through Play – so like it says at the top – Nature and Play where the two collide is where you find us.

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