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Exploring Spring with flowers from the garden

Learning and Play in Spring - Nature in the Home

We’re very into exploring Spring – each week the display in our house on the “Nature Table” changes showing the different flowers that are growing in the garden – I would say that we grow but most are either ones that have self seeded or a legacy from the previous owner but they are beautiful and it’s fabulous for J and T to see the changes and be part of

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Where did my flowers go?

spring snow fun

Late Winter and early Spring in the UK mean that one day we can be in shirt sleeves and the next our snow suits are back on and that is exactly what happened last week – very confusing for a 2 year old.

So after hunting for ladybirds and finding hints of spring popping up in the garden last week before. We tried to find the flowers in the

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Finding Hints of Spring

Finding Hints of Spring

Exploring and learning about changing seasons

We’re not quite there yet but J and T are eager for Winter to be over – they loved the snow but the constant chill in the air and dreary weather is starting to get to them – it seems such a long time since the Indian Summer of September and October.

We’re spending more and more time outside as the days get

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