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Learning for Life

Nature’s Gymnasium

Nature's Gymnasium - the natural gym of the woods with kids, balance, stamina, climbing and fitness all within a free environment and open air

Enjoying the outdoors as the weather improves is my favourite – whether we are in the back garden the park, the woods or the beach venturing out and about seems much less effort with the sun shining and the temperatures improving.

We ventured out to the forest – Nature’s Gymnasium and had so much fun for FREE – completely free. With a playground in the woods and a sculpture

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A wildlife Pond in Spring

A wildlife pond in Spring - Nature and Play

In our garden we have a wildlife pond – it’s not easy for T and J to access behind a gate but it forms a part of our daily life. J since he was 18 months old has been obsessed with frogs – the week that T was born the frogs arrived in the pond and whilst I was in hospital recovering from a caesarean he spent a lot of

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Hands on Ladybirds

Handling ladybirds with toddlers

This won’t be the first time we investigate and discover bugs as it’s a favourite hobby of ours in the garden and now in our local woods.

One of the earliest bugs to appear in our garden appears to be ladybirds and this year at 2 T has the fine motor skills to handle them without squashing them – she isn’t able to pick them up yet as applies a

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Finding Hints of Spring

Finding Hints of Spring

Exploring and learning about changing seasons

We’re not quite there yet but J and T are eager for Winter to be over – they loved the snow but the constant chill in the air and dreary weather is starting to get to them – it seems such a long time since the Indian Summer of September and October.

We’re spending more and more time outside as the days get

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Let me lead

Lead the way

Let me lead the way

What every age your child is handing over control of where to go within a safe area is good for fostering independence, exploration and also for trust in you.

In our local woods (we visit most days) I hand over the directions to the children often – sometimes with boundaries like if we have the dog with us on the walk then we

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