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SunSense – Keeping Kids Sun Safe outdoors

Sun safe with SunSenseBeing an outdoor loving family as the weather improves we spend more and more of our days outside and one of my priorities is keeping the kids sun safe – we try and avoid the hottest part of the day either taking our activities to the shaded area of the garden or coming indoors for some quiet time, but it’s with reluctance that they come inside.

So when I was asked to review some sun products from SunSense Australia’s leading sun cream I was eager to try. All of the products in the range are PABA derivatives and lanolin free as well as being Factor 50+ they are ideal for my fair skinned children.

We tried out the Toddler Milk first – with two sizes of product a hand bag sizes roll on (my absolute favourite of the range especially for kids) and a bottle the lotion is none greasy and smooth to apply to the skin. We had a roll on the kids loved it as did I although a little ticklish it made applying the sun cream great fun at the start of the day.

The toddler milk has a slight scent to it reminding me of baby products which I actually love the smell of and like I said was none greasy easy to apply and rub in once it was rolled on. It got around my pet hate of sun creams how greasy we all feel after we’ve applied it.

We also tested the SunSense Ultra ideal for families – both my husband and I both used this – again none greasy and easy to rub in. It’s factor 50+ and also 4 hours water resistant so perfect for us on holiday when we spend most of the time in the pool or sea with the kids. I tried out the SunSense Daily Face Factor 50+ – a tinted cream special designed for the face. Now I don’t normally wear anything more than a moisturiser on my face so at first I was worried that it would make me look a little strange – however I was really pleased with the end result – it evened my skin tone and of course with the Factor 50+ has more protection than my normal cream that has a SPF of 15.

SunSense has a campaign this summer with schools and nurseries educating children, parents and teachers about staying sun safe as there are so many misconceptions in the UK about sun protection and when and where to use it. Here are there top tips for staying sun safe.

The SunSense campaign will provide primary schools and nurseries with educational activity packs designed to teach them how to protect themselves, with important messages including:

Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outdoors.
The higher the SPF the better (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence recommends at least SPF 15).
Reapply every 2 hours. Remind children how to apply the cream.
Be careful to cover all exposed skin.
Cover up with clothing, hats and sunglasses.
Over on Rainy Day Mum later this week we will be hosting a giveaway for a set of SunSense products visit there on Wednesday if you are a UK resident to find out how to win £65 worth of products for a summer of outdoor sun safe play.
We received products from the SunSense to review for this post but all the words and opinions expressed are my own.


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