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Snow Painting

Snow is a blank canvas for kids, as I said in Snow Through New Eyes they don’t have the preconceptions of what activities you should do or even how activities that you plan should go.

Snow Painting for Toddlers and PreschoolersOne of the things that I have had on my to do list if it snows as our 15 minutes outside is snow painting. Using food colouring and water I knew that it would be fun for J and T to do and using 2 different containers meant that they would both be able to join in.

Snow Activities for kidsThe first an old washing up liquid bottle as with most activities at the moment J was the first to try but taking the easier most familiar option to him the washing up bottle he proceeded to squirt the yellow food colouring in scribbles over the snow.

Spray Painting SnowT on the other hand picked up the spray bottle and as you can see from the image above she wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.

Snow painting for totsJ quickly emptied his container – you can see my effort at “leading” the activity to do something that I would consider as an adult to do in the snow write a name, draw an actual picture but, J’s interest was in colouring in the snow – he was fascinated by how it changed colour quickly. With it empty he of course wanted what T had as it was full so I poured half in the washing up liquid bottle and then gave J the spray bottle and T had the washing up liquid bottle to colour in the snow herself.

Toddler Snow Painting

T wasn’t as focused on this as J as long as she got to make some colours she was happy, once J discovered the spray bottle then any snow had to be coloured our poor snowmen looked like they had been injured when he attacked them with the spray bottle after we had built them.





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