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20 Ways to beat the heat without wasting water

20 Ways to beat the heat and stay cool this summer, without wasting water the eco-friendly way of staying cool with kids

As Spring moves to summer the heat rises and we need ways to keep cool with the kids yes they could run in and out of the hose or sprinkler but the amount of water being used is huge instead why not take an eco-friendly approach to staying cool this summer without wasting water with these 20 ideas for staying cool.

With eco-ideas on our mid how about these

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A wildlife Pond in Spring

A wildlife pond in Spring - Nature and Play

In our garden we have a wildlife pond – it’s not easy for T and J to access behind a gate but it forms a part of our daily life. J since he was 18 months old has been obsessed with frogs – the week that T was born the frogs arrived in the pond and whilst I was in hospital recovering from a caesarean he spent a lot

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Garden and Grow

Gardening and growing with kids

A large proportion of our outside time is spent in the garden and at this time of the year it’s gardening. We have a large garden by UK standards and it needs a lot of maintenance at the moment – getting the children involved and occupied whilst we garden is part of the pleasures of days spent outside in the fresh air.

The garden is such a magical place

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Where did my flowers go?

spring snow fun

Late Winter and early Spring in the UK mean that one day we can be in shirt sleeves and the next our snow suits are back on and that is exactly what happened last week – very confusing for a 2 year old.

So after hunting for ladybirds and finding hints of spring popping up in the garden last week before. We tried to find the flowers in

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Hands on Ladybirds

Handling ladybirds with toddlers

This won’t be the first time we investigate and discover bugs as it’s a favourite hobby of ours in the garden and now in our local woods.

One of the earliest bugs to appear in our garden appears to be ladybirds and this year at 2 T has the fine motor skills to handle them without squashing them – she isn’t able to pick them up yet as applies

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