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Nature’s Gymnasium

Enjoying the outdoors as the weather improves is my favourite – whether we are in the back garden  the park, the woods or the beach venturing out and about seems much less effort with the sun shining and the temperatures improving.

Nature's Gymnasium - the natural gym of the woods with kids, balance, stamina, climbing and fitness all within a free environment and open air

We ventured out to the forest – Nature’s Gymnasium and had so much fun for FREE – completely free. With a playground in the woods and a sculpture walk there was so much to see.

Nature's Gymnasium - the balance beam of a fallen tree trunk

Tree trunks to jump off of and walk along working on those balancing skills

Hill rolling part of Nature's Gymnasium

Hills to run down maintaining balance and velocity and back up again

Hill running - part of nature's gymnasium building stamina and maintaining velocity

Stamina building as you follow a set path in the woods for 1, 2, 3 or more miles running hiding behind trees and jumping out surprising people

Cargo net climbing in a woodland adventure playground

With a playground there was climbing – the trees were a little too pine tree like (long high trunks with high up branches) for the kids to climb instead ladders, cargo nets and tree stumps were made for climbing.

Climbing up improving leg muscles in toddlers

Our Nature Table increased it’s load a little with some finds and we had impromptu story telling inspired by the woodland sculptures and retelling of some of our favourite books.

Woodland Sculptures providing story telling prompts for some outdoor literacy

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