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Get Out and Play with ideas from The PLAY Group

Introducing The PLAY Group

The PLAY GroupToday across 13 blogs we are launching The P.L.A.Y. group with play and learning for you from moms and teachers to you as mums and teachers. Covering everything from early literacy to making messy play fun you can visit the blogs and be inspired to get playing and learning with your kids.

You can find us all sharing our ideas on Pinterest with inspiration for kids from baby to school age with playful learning ideas to entertain them and help them learn no matter what age and come and join us in our fabulous new G+ community The PLAY group.

So who are we –  well here’s our group pop on by and see what we’re sharing

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Outdoor play and learning

Ideas to play outside year around

On Nature and Play we’re all about taking it out the door and encouraging you to get out and about whatever the weather playing and learning in the open air. We’re not alone and here’s the best ideas from The PLAY Group.

Taking indoor play outside

Outdoor play doesn’t have to be any different from indoor play – you can take what ever you do inside out check out these fabulous ideas from The PLAY Group to find out more.

Arts and Crafts outside

One of the big advantages is for doing arts and crafts outside is that the mess can be easily cleared away and does it really matter if the children pour paint all over the grass – it will come out in the next rain shower. Here’s some fabulous arty and crafty ideas for outdoor play and learning

Learning outside

The outdoors provides so many opportunities for learning from Science to maths and literacy check out these fun learning activities for getting kids involved out of the house and classrooms.

Winter outside play

first time of sledging

Whilst most are snuggling up warm and cosy we’re getting out exploring the chrispness in the air, the frost, the snow and the ice outside of our doors.

Spring outside play

New life is appearing and whether it’s hunting for flowers or seeing what changes have happened to familiar landscapes over the winter storms and snow Spring brings new enthusiasm for outdoor play

Summer outside play

There’s no mistaken this is the season for playing outside, whether trips to the beach, the park or the woods summer is outdoor play time and we’re having fun.

Autumn outside play

Leaves and sticks, pumpkins and harvests autumn lends itself to getting out of the door and playing and learning in the open air.

Outdoor Games and getting moving

There are so many unique outdoor games that you can play what ever the season

The PLAY Group Blog Hop

We’re launching today with 13 fabulous collections of activities for play and learning for kids across all of the blogs pop on by and check them out

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