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A large proportion of our outside time is spent in the garden and at this time of the year it’s gardening. We have a large garden by UK standards and it needs a lot of maintenance at the moment – getting the children involved and occupied whilst we garden is part of the pleasures of days spent outside in the fresh air.

Gardening and growing with kidsThe garden is such a magical place and not one that children need to be excluded from – by maintenance when I spoke of our garden above I really mean we currently have a much reduced but still overgrown jungle that we are turning into a family garden to enjoy so for us gardening at the moment involves heavy duty work.

Children can learn so much and enjoy so much with the garden here’s just a few ideas of ways to get children involved in gardening and enjoying play whilst you garden and with a garden theme.

Growing their own

grow their own seedsTake the garden into their own hands – grow plants that they can eat, enjoy or have a fun aspect to them. This year J and T are growing their own ketchup, sunflower and pumpkins which they have responsibility for as well as their own salad leaves to pick and each when they want. Other plants like raddishes, beans, peas are fun and they grow relatively quickly and children love them to pick and eat raw (peas) in the summer months.

Role Play

Role PlayUsing small equipment (this is a child wheel barrow for 3+ and perfect size for J and T) as well as their own tools, brooms etc… the children can and will quickly role play different aspect of the work that you do in the garden – yes it may result in many flowers being picked instead of weeds but they make beautiful arrangements for your home it’s great for children’s development and fun.

Helping with small jobs

Regular jobs are perfect for little ones to join in withWeeding, raking and general garden maintenance are something that children can and love to join in with on a day to day basis – small equipment makes it easier for them to work with but they will and do try with your size equipment.

helping hands in the gardenWith some jobs like growing rhubarb we had a helper at hand to play hide and seek with the rhubarb placing over the forcer to grow it in the dark making the stems tender and delicious for cooking up later this month.

Hidden Learning

Hidden learning in the garden


The garden and watching you and joining in with every day gardening tasks have surprising learning benefits – T is 2 years and is writing her own seed labels – the pen and paper that I use for seed labels is on the green house bench she walked in and picked them up and started to “write” what she was growing “Vegetables”.

A fantastic Family Fun

Joining inAlthough it would be lovely to it just isn’t practical to play constantly with kids – we have jobs and tasks as adults we have to complete – and gardening is something that children just naturally fit into the fun we have gardening together whether the kids are actively gardening with us planting seeds, helping us dig over new vegetable beds or whether they are playing occupied it’s something that creates memories for you and your kids for years to come.

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  • Lovely post, we’ve just been doing something similiar with our little Monkey. He’s rather excited about the idea of eating his tomatoes and red peppers #CountryKIds

  • Cerys I love the way you involve your children in the garden. Children love to learn and be part of what you are doing, sometimes it is so much easier and quicker to do it yourself, but sharing with them is such a great way for them to learn and appreciate your hobby too in time. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    • Cerys Parker

      Thanks Fiona that means a lot. They love it and T is my little gardener – Growing Green Fingered Kids is filling up more and more :)

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