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Finding Hints of Spring

Exploring and learning about changing seasons

We’re not quite there yet but J and T are eager for Winter to be over – they loved the snow  but the constant chill in the air and dreary weather is starting to get to them – it seems such a long time since the Indian Summer of September and October.

Finding Hints of Spring

We’re spending more and more time outside as the days get longer and the need to prepare the garden for Spring and Summer to arrive – the vegetable garden needs an overhaul and “The Jungle” which we chopped down in the Autumn must be sorted out before Spring arrives and the plants go mad. So outdoor time is spent exploring our own little patch of wilderness.


We hunt for hints that spring is on it’s way – the Snowdrops were late this year forced back by the snow and only arriving in February with the woodland anemones under the trees in our lane.

hunting for signs of spring


On warm days insects and bugs have appeared from their winter homes – a ladybird sunning itself on the pebbles by the greenhouses,

finding snails

a snail clinging to the wall is discovered and held.

Smelling flowers

The blue early spring dwarf iris have bloomed and J is smelling every floor he finds.

Finding Daisies

The grass shows signs of winter wear but daisies have appeared already after the warmth of the week before quickly picked and examined.

Outdoor Snacks

We wait for more signs of Spring to appear in the garden and in the woods and park. In the mean time – we’re enjoying the changing seasons and taking snacks outside and packing away the snow suits for the time being.

finding hints of spring

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