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Daisy Fairy Crown

Fairy Daisy Crown Making with KidsSome things are childhood memories that never end – today T and I revisited one of my own making daisy Fairy Crowns for our hair. Yes I made one for me and we made T’s together.

picking daisies to make daisy fairy crownsMost of our walks start and end with picking of flowers – these include daisies and dandelions but we’ve also collected blossom twigs fro low lying trees. On today’s walk I ended up with a pocket full of daisies – I’ve not yet got around to making our nature walk bag so everything ends in my pocket.

Arriving home we set about creating Daisy Fairy Crowns. Choosing the longest daisies that we picked I split the stem with my thumbnail and T and I set about threading the next daisy through creating a chain of daisies. When it was the right size I connected the last daisy in the chain to the first daisy.

Daisy Fairy Crown for outdoor imaginative playSee those little slides at the edge – I ended up moving them and pinning the crown in place as she kept getting upset when it fell of her head.

We used the Daisy Fairy Crown into some imaginative play and both became fairies running around the garden sprinkling out growing fairy dust (some sand) over our flowers and adding some honey dew to help the plants grow (water from our watering cans).

Make your Own Daisy Fairy Crown and use it in imaginative play with your kidsA memory from my childhood now passed down to T’s and something that I know she enjoyed and will want to make again – I see a lot of pockets full of daisy flowers in my future.

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