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Who Needs a Hill

Sledging for toddlers

Another firsts post, we brought sledges, now Suffolk isn’t renowned for hills there are some good ones that would be perfect for the kids as they get older to go sledging on but at 22 months and almost 3 and a half for the first time out they just seem very big.

Instead of that hill (it’s within walking distance) we started off by pulling around the garden. Sitting on

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Snow Painting

Snow Painting for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Snow is a blank canvas for kids, as I said in Snow Through New Eyes they don’t have the preconceptions of what activities you should do or even how activities that you plan should go.

One of the things that I have had on my to do list if it snows as our 15 minutes outside is snow painting. Using food colouring and water I knew that it would be

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Playing with numbers in the snow

early maths play

Snow play with numbers

We’ve taken our numbers outside and J created some fun to produce numbers in the snow. Both him and T are fascinated by numbers and love pointing them out – T can count to 6 and J is working well towards 100 in number identification. So when he discovered in our sand pit the number mat from last summer he had a great idea – making

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