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Over on Rainy Day Mum – Top 10 Ways to learn at the beach


Over on Rainy Day Mum today I’m sharing Top 10 Ways to learn at the beach – pop over and discover how to stop the summer slide whilst at the beach.

This forms part of the School’s Out Top 10 Series by KBN cohosted by these bloggers over the last week

Sunday ~ This Reading Mama | The Educators’ Spin on It | Kitchen Counter Chronicle | Rainbows

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Nature’s Gymnasium

Nature's Gymnasium - the natural gym of the woods with kids, balance, stamina, climbing and fitness all within a free environment and open air

Enjoying the outdoors as the weather improves is my favourite – whether we are in the back garden the park, the woods or the beach venturing out and about seems much less effort with the sun shining and the temperatures improving.

We ventured out to the forest – Nature’s Gymnasium and had so much fun for FREE – completely free. With a playground in the woods and a sculpture

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Daisy Fairy Crown

Fairy Daisy Crown Making with Kids

Some things are childhood memories that never end – today T and I revisited one of my own making daisy Fairy Crowns for our hair. Yes I made one for me and we made T’s together.

Most of our walks start and end with picking of flowers – these include daisies and dandelions but we’ve also collected blossom twigs fro low lying trees. On today’s walk I ended up with

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Garden and Grow

Gardening and growing with kids

A large proportion of our outside time is spent in the garden and at this time of the year it’s gardening. We have a large garden by UK standards and it needs a lot of maintenance at the moment – getting the children involved and occupied whilst we garden is part of the pleasures of days spent outside in the fresh air.

The garden is such a magical place

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Who Needs a Hill

Sledging for toddlers

Another firsts post, we brought sledges, now Suffolk isn’t renowned for hills there are some good ones that would be perfect for the kids as they get older to go sledging on but at 22 months and almost 3 and a half for the first time out they just seem very big.

Instead of that hill (it’s within walking distance) we started off by pulling around the garden. Sitting on

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