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A wildlife Pond in Spring

A wildlife pond in Spring - Nature and PlayIn our garden we have a wildlife pond – it’s not easy for T and J to access behind a gate but it forms a part of our daily life. J since he was 18 months old has been obsessed with frogs – the week that T was born the frogs arrived in the pond and whilst I was in hospital recovering from a caesarean he spent a lot of time visiting the pond with my parents the frogs had arrived and he watched them and learnt about them.

frogs a spring visitor to a wildlife pondThe pond is shallow (less than a welly deep) it has no fish in but is full of plant life (we need to do a removal of some come next autumn) the plants grow lush and provide cover for the wildlife that visit the pond.

The frogs arrived late this year – April instead of March and there were days of worry from J why they weren’t here on time. But within days of them arriving the sight that we had been waiting for was there.

Hunting for frog spawnLeaves were pushed aside using a long stick found from the garden to discover the hidden gems of frog spawn that had been laid by the frogs.

Frog Spawn hunting with kidsThe frog spawn was duly collected Рa joy of childhood is raising tadpoles and over on Rainy Day Mum I talked about how best to keep them alive so we found a suitable container collected the frog spawn from the pond and I currently have a small tank with the tadpoles on the dinning room table where we spend meal times watching the tadpoles in action.

Collecting frog spawn with kidsThe pond continues to entice – we left some of the frog spawn in the pond to see how it differs from the frog spawn in our tank – they laid the first set on the 10th April and as of today the 20th April the tadpoles still haven’t hatched yet we have had 6 days of tadpoles in the tank inside the house.

Spending time at the pondHours are spent hanging around the pond in the week, a stick to move the pond weeds and plants that reside in the pond to discover what lives beneath. We’ll get out our white tray soon and jam jar and discover more, but for now the frogs, frog spawn and tadpoles to come provide the entertainment and joy.

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