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A new accidental tradition

It just kind of happened – I took a photo back in the Winter of J walking down through our local woods and I then had it blown up on a canvas for the wall I love the picture so much.

Well today we headed for a Spring time dog walk and I took my camera – quite by accident I captured a picture of T in the same spot (ok I was a little further back in J’s Winter Picture) but now I feel I have started a new tradition capturing the kids in the same place throughout the years.

Taking a Picture of your kids in the same place each seasonLuckily the place is a few metres from our home – yes I do feel lucky that living in a town we have such wild country side hidden in a pocket near our home but now we will have to go and mark the changes as the seasons change and the children get older and older. I obviously can’t have a canvas made of each season change (our house isn’t big enough) but can do photo-collages and picture frames to go around the house to remember these special memories and moments with the kids.

What does the picture of the winter bring back – J’s first Snow Day – from Preschool – a morning of play with super hero capes and running around the house – heading off to the park with a sledge with J and T in the sledge being pulled by me – my husband made it into work. The woods – T wouldn’t get off the sledge – she doesn’t like the cold and her boots were slightly too small. She sat on the sledge the whole time and ate the snow, J ran off ahead and I captured the picture as he headed towards the pond to see if the ducks were ok.

Today the Spring picture – has been a wonderful day we’ve taken the kids swimming this morning, buying things for our holiday in a few weeks and then an afternoon in the garden – I’ve planted a 3 sister’s bed we’ve managed to tame some of our jungle and then after dinner headed for a dog walk. J and my hubby walked ahead to see the ducks and T decided to run after them. I captured here as she headed towards the clearing by the pond.

Next time will be summer and now I know that a mid summer dog walk I will have to take the camera to capture the next picture the same.


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