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20 Ways to beat the heat without wasting water

20 Ways to beat the heat and stay cool this summer, without wasting water the eco-friendly way of staying cool with kidsAs Spring moves to summer the heat rises and we need ways to keep cool with the kids yes they could run in and out of the hose or sprinkler but the amount of water being used is huge instead why not take an eco-friendly approach to staying cool this summer without wasting water with these 20 ideas for staying cool.

Spongeballs for staying cool this summerWith eco-ideas on our mid how about these spongeballs that Come Together Kids made – they work like water balloons but can be reused over and over and over again. These are on my to do list this summer with the kids (thinking about taking them on holiday with us to use around the pool as well).

Water Wall for eco-friendly water fromRaid the recycling box – attach to a wall and use buckets at the end – eco-friendly water walls reusing the same water over and over again from Happy Hooligans. Another on our to do list this summer I love the ideas of keeping cool without getting too wet!

Giant Sponge Soapy FunWith very little water being used a giant foam pad (pop along to see the recycling that the pad came from!) and lots of soapy fun this is fantastic way for little ones to keep cool and get clean at the same time from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Painting the driveway with waterWith such simple equipment even the youngest members of the family can stay cool this summer – check out what is needed to “Paint the drive Red” by Mama Pea Pod.

Car washing for totsWe know how wet we get as adults when we wash the car – oh ok only me then! But how about getting that old favourite garden ride on out and giving it a car wash from J Daniel 4′s Mom.

Water friendly coloured water funSave water and use that for the play – I just love this idea from A Little Learning for Two – how much more eco-friendly can you get with some hose free, water saving cool down play.

Balloon powered BoatsAnother idea from A little learning for two – some balloon powered boats – I would love to take these to the paddling pool at the local park or even to the beach where the pools form on the sand as the tide goes out brilliant fun.

Washing Toys with Coloured SudsAnother fab toy washing idea this time from The Golden Gleam. I could see this being done in the afternoon after washing up the lunch dishes saving the not too dirty soapy water and using that – even more eco-friendly.

Coin WashingTurn an accident into some cool down fun from Mama Pea Pod.

Bringing the beach to the gardenNothing beats keeping cool than the beach – but how about creating your own beach in a tub from Mama Pea Pod.

Beat the heat frozen ice paintingOver at Hands on as we grow they have a whole week of ways to beat the heat – my favourite by far is this coloured ice painting.

Ice EggsCreate some ice eggs for some discovery and play which will keep you cool as well from A Little Learning for Two.

Frozen Water Bead PlayTrain up a Child guest posted over on Growing a Jeweled Rose about these frozen water beads play – great for older kids and a fantastic way to keep cool that can be used over and over and over again.

Swimming Pool ScrabbleKeeping cool doesn’t have to be restricted to your back garden – the local pool or if you are lucky enough your own is a great place to keep cool and the water is already there no hoses need – Toddler Approved shares a great game for the pool with Swimming Pool Scrabble.

Pudding and IceOne of the ways that we played last summer to keep us cool over on Rainy Day Mum was with some pudding and ice play out in the shade in the garden.

Fence PaintingThis was so much fun back when J was a toddler – we painted our fences with water (will have to find our brushes for this summer) I shared this over on Rainy Day Mum.

Shrimp NettingWith a never ending supply of water the beach is the perfect eco-friendly way to stay cool. Just jump in the ocean and last summer we went Shrimp netting with the kids for the first time over on Rainy Day Mum.

Kid Friendly Pool at the beachSometimes the sea just isn’t safe for kids and your beach may not have naturally forming pools on it instead with some very frugal ideas you can create your own Kid Friendly Pool at the Beach like this one from In Lieu of Preschool.

Ice Letter PlaySome more ice play – and my favourite idea from last summer Letter Ice play from TheĀ ImaginationĀ Tree.

Potions and lotions playMix up some coloured waters and get creating potions – a fantastic way to stay cool with a colourful and messy element to it as well over on Rainy Day Mum.

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